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Big Data & Data Science


We Drive Your Business Efficiency And Performance With The Power Of Data

Big Data doesn’t have to be a big mystery. Get visibility into your business like never before.

Whether you’re a knowledgeable data science organization that needs extra hands or a business that needs to know how to deal with very large, messy, unstructured datasets, our services can help uncover insights to transform your business. The cloud and cluster computing technologies and modern tools we use will help us get there most efficiently.

Besides, we can create a model to make your communication with customers stellar. Trained to detect attitude markers and recognize your customers’ mood, the model will signal your sales team if a particular customer experiences negative emotions. Also using Gradient Boosting techniques we can extract the most influent features for these changes.

Valley Infosystems experts in Big Data & Data Science have helped our customers:

 Establish descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

 Batch processing and data mining

 Transform dark data into structured and unstructured format stored in data lakes

 Increase client engagement

 Transform operations

 Improve time to market

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